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Julia Luyster, Esq.

Julia practices in state and federal trial and appellate court throughout the United States.  An active member of the Florida and  District of Columbia Bars, Julia is also a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Southern District of Florida. 

As an advocate for children, Julia partnered with Oasis India to assist children in slums and brothels.  She appeared internationally as an expert on the global crisis, human trafficking.  Julia is founder of two non profit organizations and previous board member of numerous organizations battling child sex and labor trafficking around the globe.  

"I am moved by a personal need to protect the vulnerability of children.   When I was young, long before my own daughter and two grandsons arrived,  I spent a week in the Appalachian mountains as part of a service mission.  I will never forget picking up a baby in a dirty diaper in the middle of a near empty trailer.  They had no running water.  One of the other girls told me to put the baby down because she might have head lice.  Well, I did not put the baby down.  Instead, when I grew older, I went overseas and picked up little babies and children in the same conditions.  Children have the same need for love, cuddling, laughter, clean clothes, food, shelter, education, and a safe world, whether they are in the hills of Appalachia or the valleys of India, or anywhere in between." 

Julia was also adjunct faculty at the University of Central Florida. She is a past Executive Editor for the Florida Bar Journal and the Broward County Federal Bar Journal as well as featured and contributing author.  She is the author of the textbook, A Father's Right to Custody.  

She has worked with St. Baldrick's Foundation to end childhood cancers. 

Julia Luyster obtained her J.D. from Baylor University in Texas in 1994.  Member of the Florida Appellate Practice Publications Committee, Appellate Practice Legislative Committee, Appellate Practice Outreach Committee.